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Avoid the pain and stress of litigation through mediation and/or other alternative dispute resolution processes.

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Civil Mediation


Judges and juries are only human and can make very unexpected decisions, which makes litigation risky for both parties.

The mediation attorneys at Shumway Van, a law firm with regional offices in San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City, focus a portion of their legal practice on mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes in an effort to help clients avoid the pain and stress of litigation, while also obtaining better results than they would through the pursuit of litigation.


In addition to their dispute resolution practices, our mediation attorneys are civil and commercial litigators who represent businesses and individuals in a wide variety of legal disputes. As you might imagine, experience fighting battles in court has helped them to refine their practices as mediators because they are able to articulate possible outcomes in litigation and the risks and rewards of traditional lawsuits. Many parties to disputes have found sophistication about the legal process aids the resolution of the issue.​

Mediation Services Provided By Our Law Firm

Our mediation attorneys believe that any negotiated result is more successful than any result a judge or jury would provide for all parties involved.


Marriage Restoration

Mediation can offer hope for couples experiencing marital challenges who want to preserve their marriage and restore wholeness in their relationship.  Our mediation lawyers can lead couples through difficult conversations regarding a variety of sensitive issues. The mediation attorneys that practice at our law firm can act as a neutral and impartial voice to aid couples in clarifying issues and evaluating solution options.

Per-Party Rates

Attending mediation is not always easy for one or both of the parties; this is why we offer both in person and video-conference mediation services. Thanks to modern technology, video-conferenced mediation is easy, secure, and can make the mediation process more affordable.


Two Hours Mediation

Oftentimes parties to a dispute want to resolve a particular issue or thing that the dispute could be settled in a short amount of time, which is why we offer a two-hour block rather than starting at a half-day. 


Half-Day Mediation

Most mediations require at least four hours to make significant progress related to a dispute. The parties can select an 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. slot or a 1:00 to 5:00 slot. Our mediation attorneys will accommodate other slots upon request if their schedules allow.


Full-Day Mediation

Full-day mediations are often successful because the parties have sufficient time to work through issues and come up with viable solutions, as well as craft the agreement. Our mediation lawyers will accommodate any reasonable nine-hour block (including a one-hour lunch) for a full-day mediation.

$150.00 +

Custom Mediation

For custom accommodations related to disputes among individuals, our mediation lawyers charge $150 per hour, plus travel expenses if such is required.

Our best attorneys will represent your interests. 

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