Since our inception, Shumway Van has been focused on building an efficient and effective law firm

that always serves each client's

best interests.

Our History.

Shumway Van was founded by Michael C. Van and Douglas J. Shumway in 2008 in response to large firms not being able to respond to the needs of their clients during the Great Recession. The goals of the founding partners were to provide clients with exceptional “big firm” results for a reasonable “small firm” price. To this day, each attorney remains committed to serving our clients in the same unwavering manner. While the lawyers in our various offices have amassed many successes during their careers, the proudest accomplishment of our firm is its continued representation of almost all of our initial clients, many of which survived the Great Recession in part because they worked in concert with our attorneys to resolve their legal issues in a reasonable manner and without long-lasting and costly litigation.

We believe that our law firm has enjoyed great success because our attorneys are committed to providing excellent service and results, and adapting quickly to changing economic and legal environments.




Associate Attorneys.