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Our team of personal injury lawyers and paralegals make every effort to aggressively pursue the claims of our clients so that they are paid for their injury and damages. 

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Personal Injury Law


With over 75 years of combined experience, our injury attorneys at Shumway Van can help you to receive the compensation owed to you associated with almost any injury claim. 

As car accident attorneys, our personal injury lawyers have years of experience and have retained a knowledgeable staff that will direct you through every step in the process. You are never alone when you are working with Shumway Van. Let an experienced accident lawyer represent you and help you to get the compensation that you deserve for your case.

​Our personal injury lawyers zealously represent our clients to ensure that each one of them gets the win that they deserve. Whether that win comes in the form of a settlement or after a hotly contested trial, our injury attorneys take care of their clients all along the way.

Our experienced and trusted personal injury lawyers will represent your interests in all areas of personal injury law, including but not limited to the following:

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Semi-Truck Accidents

  • Premises Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Wrongful Death

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

Note: Never communicate with the police or an insurance company without having your attorney present. If you are injured in an accident, call us immediately and speak with a personal injury lawyer right away. If you need an attorney to come to you just let us know and someone will be there right away. 

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Personal Injury Law Services Provided By Our Law Firm

The injury lawyers at Shumway Van are able to handle a wide variety of injury cases from the extremely complex to the simple slip and fall, however, our injury attorneys primarily focus on being the best accident attorneys in Nevada, Utah and Texas, and have handled a significant number of cases relating to car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, semi-truck accidents, product liability, premises liability and defective products and dangerous drugs. 


Automobile Accidents

Were you recently injured in a car accident?

Because of the number of daily drivers in most cities, being involved in or hearing about car accidents has become a very usual occurrence in most people’s lives. Many times after a small accident, the involved parties trade insurance information and allow their insurance agents to deal with setting out the particulars of who gets to pay for what and how. However, if the damages sustained were significant in any way then you would be well-advised to hire an injury attorney who can pursue a lawsuit if necessary.

Hiring personal injury lawyers can guarantee that you get the compensation that you are entitled to after an accident. Oftentimes people who are injured in an accident focus on the damage to their vehicle and a portion of the medical costs. Damages, however, can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Earnings lost due to the accident

  • Medical costs associated with any treatment necessary to allow for recovery

  • Damaged property

  • Permanent disability

Any time you are seriously hurt in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the time where you were incapable of working in your regular occupation. Additionally, the party at fault is generally liable for paying for all medical expenses and damaged property sustained from the car accident. Medical expenses can last a lifetime though so calculating what your “damages” are can become extremely complicated. Calculating such damages is one of the duties of the injury lawyer hired by the injured party. Left alone, a victim may not accurately calculate damages and end up with a lot less than he or she deserves.

Don’t Trust Any Insurance Agency or Company.

Insurance companies and business are never, ever, on your side during a negotiation over an injury case, including those cases associated with automobile accidents. Though it is their obligation to ensure you are appropriately compensated, an insurance company will attempt to settle with you by paying as little as possible. This desire to pay as little as possible can, and often does, extend to your own insurance company. So, sometimes the injury lawyer hired to handle your case has to fight both your insurance company and the insurance company of the other party.

Almost all insurance companies will come to you, the customer, directly in an attempt to get you to settle for as little as possible. They will provide numbers and argue fault and try to get you to believe that your case is not worth very much and that they are being generous with their offer. Never accept any offer until you consult with an automobile accident lawyer! As soon as accepted, your case will be “settled” and no lawyer will have the ability to re-start the negotiation for you or get you more compensation in the future because of the documents that you will sign in exchange for the small check that the insurance company will offer to you.

Working with a car accident lawyer should allow you to get the optimum compensation because your attorney will be battling to get you the maximum amount. After all, he or she shares in that compensation if you agreed to a contingency fee. Your injury lawyer will work with the insurance adjustors, reconfiguring the numbers until all parties are satisfied with the settlement amount. If the case cannot be settled then the car accident lawyers at Shumway Van will take the case all the way to trial if necessary. 

If you are injured in an accident please give Shumway Van’s injury lawyers a call today to schedule a free consultation! Our injury attorneys can advise you about your claims and help you to understand how the legal process works.

When an insurance company contacts you with an offer, do not accept it without calling Shumway Van. We want to help you with getting the maximum that you are entitled to today whether that is through settlement or litigation, so utilize a free consultation to learn more about your rights and what a good injury lawyer can do for you.

For a free case evaluation from a car accident lawyer with Shumway Van, call us today!

Our best attorneys will represent your interests. 

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