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We recognize the unique nature of each deal and the need to be flexible in our approach and creative when solving complex problems.

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Real Estate & Construction Law

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Our real estate and construction lawyers know the industry and its players and can provide cost-effective legal services that keep deals moving forward.

Real estate transactions come in all shapes and sizes and have different legal needs. Our real estate attorneys strive to provide the right legal services for the transaction and focus on "lean" representation continually. Some transactions require substantial legal work and can be shockingly expensive because of their nature, but that is not the norm and our lawyers are minimalists when it comes to "papering a deal."

Construction law is arguable far more nuanced than other areas of real estate law, and unfortunately, construction-related transactions oftentimes are not documented very well. It is fortunate that the construction industry has dedicated significant effort towards the utilization of standard forms and technology, but because each transaction is unique it is still advisable to have an experienced construction law attorney on your side.


If a dispute arises, experience and relationships can make or break litigation, so choosing the right construction lawyer is essential. 

Real Estate and Construction Law Services Provided By Our Law Firm

The frequency with which we deal with complex transactions gives us a distinct advantage in effectively addressing our clients' concerns and providing services that may be unfamiliar with less specialized firms.


Real Estate Acquisitions & Dispositions

Fundamental to our real estate practice is the acquisition and disposition of every conceivable type of real estate asset, including raw land, commercial, retail, office, industrial, master-planned residential, multifamily, and mixed-use projects. Our services include:

Document Negotiation. We negotiate and draft brokers’ listing agreements, letters of intent, option agreements, purchase and sale agreements, deeds, assignments, and other documents required in connection with the closing and any other contracts required in connection with, or unique to, a transaction.

Due Diligence Review. Clients seek our advice with site selection analysis; economic feasibility studies; physical, environmental, and land use due diligence; title and survey review; lien and litigation searches; and corporate authority concerns.

Financing. Our attorneys negotiate and document every conceivable type of financing product associated with real property acquisition. We also negotiate and coordinate the payoff, assignment, and assumption of existing loans.

Lease and Contract Review. We review and analyze existing leases and contracts, identify and obtain requisite third-party consents to transactions, and ascertain, among other things, the rights and costs to assign or terminate applicable leases and contracts.

Risk Management. Our attorneys place great emphasis on the long-term implications of client transactions. This includes sophisticated and strategic risk management review and analysis, with a focus on indemnity protection, insurance coverage, waivers and releases, disclosures, post-closing rights, and alternative dispute resolution.

The frequency with which we deal with complex transactions gives us a distinct advantage in effectively addressing our clients’ concerns and providing services that may be unfamiliar with less specialized firms.

Our best attorneys will represent your interests. 

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