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Profile of Our Law Firm

Shumway Van & Hansen is a full-service regional law firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We believe that all legal matters are problems that can be fixed strategically and efficiently through a thorough understanding of our clients and the complexities that exist in their lives and their businesses. We pride ourselves on utilizing this knowledge to resolve legal issues creatively, expediently, and pragmatically.

Shumway Van & Hansen is made up of attorneys Utah can trust that integrate their experience with a practical business method to offer client-centered services successfully and efficiently. The foundation for our success is the stability, quality, and experience of our attorneys and para-professional staff; an understanding of the relationship in between litigation risks and business objectives; and the need to integrate innovative methods into our practices to address our clients’ present issues and potential future concerns.

Our objective is to become our clients’ primary source for legal services and business advice, the lawyers in Utah that you rely on when you need to get something done and get it done right.

When it comes to disputes, we are always willing to take a case to trial for our clients if that is what they want, but we also utilize non-traditional ways of resolving cases such as mediation, arbitration and/or strategic negotiation throughout the litigation process. We understand the importance of a “bottom line” analysis for each situation and strive to keep within our clients’ budgets. This focus on the financial consequences of litigation and the probable outcome of such helps us to provide our clients with suggestions that enable then to make suitable decisions about their lives or businesses.

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