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It is important to have a Utah lawyer assist in real estate transactions.

Nothing is quite as liberating, or debilitating, as buying or selling your home or other real property. Buying or selling your home or property, soon after you bought it or after years of living a rich life within it, ready to move to the next place to make your own, you want to make sure you have a well-versed and experienced Utah lawyer to help you for multiple reason. Though it may be tempting to try to manage this type of legal issue yourself, be assured that most people recommend retaining a Utah lawyer who will be able to ask the questions you need answered by other parties and answer the questions you need to know in regards to the buying and selling of your home or other property. You would be surprised at how many times the fail to disclose something or a minor mistake in the documentation of a sale has led to massive lawsuits, especially when the value of a property declines rather than appreciates.

A Utah lawyer from a reputable law firm in the Salt Lake City or surrounding areas can make your property buying or property selling experience less stressful and more thorough. Those unfamiliar with the monetary and legal jargon associated with a land or home purchase, or those who think they are familiar, will quickly find through any buying or selling process, that it is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. Your Utah lawyer needs to be there to review the documents and mediate with the correct parties to ensure that the offers you are given or the offers you yourself are giving and the right monetary amount for the circumstance. Even if you are past this stage and have already began the steps into buying or selling, make the right move of retaining a real estate attorney in Salt Lake City.

Most Utah residents have been buyers or sellers, or know someone who has bought or sold some sort of land or other property at some juncture in their life, and most have acquired the expertise of a non-legal service in order to instruct them in the buying and selling process. While this may be tempting, it’s important to understand that there are benefits and downfalls to this type of service. The best option is to contact and consult with a real estate lawyer Utah can depend on, who knows the process and is specifically geared towards your benefit and not outside benefits that you may not be aware of. That’s right; agencies working on behalf of other companies may not have the concentration and time in order to focus on your genuine purchase or sale.

Hiring an experienced Utah lawyer can eliminate the worry that you are dealing with a company or agency that doesn’t have your best interest in mind or else, has someone else’s best interest in mind, a story that is becoming all too common, especially in a real estate market such as Utah’s. It’s not news to any Utahan, or Utah lawyer, that the state has a vast amount of land that is often in the process of being bought or sold at any given time. With this process there are a lot of easy traps to fall into or mistakes that can be easily made, if you are not under wise counsel of a Utah lawyer.

Most individuals rarely buy or sell property unless, of course, they are a proficient land investor, if that is the case for you, understand that even the sharpest eyes can miss some fine print that is wrapped up in legal jargon that can generally only be understood by a Utah lawyer. If you aren’t a proficient land buyer and seller, which most average Utahans are not, then your best bet would be hiring the professionalism and apt counsel of a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer at Shumway Van and Hansen. Each state has a certain set of codes, regulations and land related laws and a good attorney in Salt Lake City can help you navigate through the ever evolving issues and laws that accompany property sales. A legitimate attorney, experienced with land purchases and sales are held to a different level of responsibility and standards than those of individual agencies who want to help you with a sale that they are in charge of themselves.

Here is some additional information from to look over before you think about going the real estate route without a Utah lawyer. You need to understand the purchase contract, including how you will take title on the property. This start alone can make the most confident buyer or seller uneasy. Once you view the document you will realize how necessary a Utah lawyer, familiar with real estate, really is. You will need to register and prepare all the legal documents; this takes time and can be overwhelming without the help of an experienced attorney on your side. Not only can a real estate lawyer Utah can trust, assist you in the processes surrounding the buying and selling of a property but they can determine the terms embedding within easements, liens and covenants that may alter your perception of how you can use the land or property. Here are just a few other things that may be more than a bit daunting to start on, without the help of a well-experienced Salt Lake City Utah lawyer:

  • You must clarify the terms of the mortgage and work with your bank, if necessary, to modify them.

  • Make sure that you scrutinize the adjustments, including taxes owing and utilities costs paid, prior to the transaction closing.

  • Be in attendance at the closing and review all the papers you will be required to sign.

  • Be sure to arrange title insurance protection to protect you from losses due to title defects.

  • Ensure you receive a valid registered ownership subject only to the liabilities you have accepted.

Furthermore, a real estate attorney in Salt Lake City, according to CAARE, should be in charge of the gritty details such as reviewing the diligence binder and reviewing or preparing the purchase and sale agreement, including negotiating its terms. In addition a Utah lawyer in a Salt Lake City law firm, or surrounding area, can take the steering wheel on issues such as these:

  • Preparing the deed and power of attorney if necessary.

  • Dealing with title issues as they arise and help correct them.

  • Attending the closing and review all the papers you will be required to sign.

  • Arranging for transfer of security deposits.

  • Arranging for insurance certificates if needed.

An attorney should understand that each situation where buying and selling real estate land or property is unique because it is important to the individual. A Utah lawyer at Shumway Van & Hansen understands that you time and money is important, especially during the buying and selling of something as important to you future as land or a home. More comes into play that the average attorney realized; we strive to be the above average attorney when it comes to counseling you on how you should proceed and helping you prepare the documents that go along with a sometimes risky purchase. Our aim is not to waste your time and money. It’s more important to each attorney in Salt Lake City located at Shumway Van & Hansen to incorporate your time and monetary allowances effectively and in a way that fits your plan, schedule and budget. We are excited about assisting you with the busy work and often times daunting documents that accompany a momentous occasion such as buying a home.

Though, it is an unpleasant thought, it is highly likely that most Utahans will find themselves at some point tasked with the ominous and emotional duty of handling a lost loved one’s estate. While this is a time of mourning, it is also a time to seek the most experienced counsel while you deal with the odds and ends that come with real estate. The real estate lawyer Utah residents need is at our firm understands that an emotional tie to a place or land can make these real estate decisions difficult to comprehend and rush into. It can lend one to make unwise decisions based on time restraints or limited funds. However, we as a firm will make the commitment that the Utah lawyer you retain will keep your best interest in mind during such an important time.

If you are embarking on a new real estate investment, or are taking the first few steps, or are thinking of taking the first few steps, towards buying or selling property, put yourself in the able and competent counsel of an a Utah lawyer at Shumway Van and Hansen. We have offices located in Alpine, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. Each attorney in Salt Lake City is experienced with the knowledge of the ever-changing land laws that accompany each new year in the state of Utah and have a proven track record of handling even the most sensitive of real estate cases with a level of professionalism and unmatched couth. A free consultation is available in which one a Utah lawyer can review your individual case and get acquainted with your unique real estate situation. Call Shumway Van & Hansen today at (801) 478-8080 for additional information.

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