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Many an injury attorney Utah can rely on, is helping workers.

Recent years have brought about new planning and execution of new and better establishments in the Utah area, meaning more risk for the men and women who take on these building related tasks. If your work requires you to build the skyscrapers and towers that cities are bustling with today, the stats are not in your favor, and it is a good idea to take the necessary precautions to make certain you stay safe. Out of 4,114 worker fatalities in 2011, there were 721 deaths in construction alone. If you have actually been wounded on a building task, an injury attorney Utah can rely on, can help you get your case started today.

In the meantime, it is wise to know a few steps that can ensure that you have taken the proper steps in order to stay safe on the job. Always make sure that you stay aware of your surroundings, construction sites often have multiple vehicles or equipment in use that can seem to come out of nowhere. Being as aware as possible is a major step in insuring that you maintain a safe environment. In addition, always make sure that the equipment is up to date and that any unnecessary items are not creating potentially hazardous situations. Always be sure to don the appropriate clothing and footwear, which can help in reducing work-related bodily injuries.

If you are concerned about your capability of operating any work related products contact your employer for further instruction. On that same note, if any equipment begins to look out of date and or is no longer in proper working condition, alert your employee or HR department immediately. Not all accidents can be prevented but with the aforementioned diligence, you can prevent the most common ones from becoming prevalent in your workplace. In the event an accident cannot be prevented, acquiring the assistance of a injury attorney Utah will help to ease the burdens that accompany such accidents.

If you or somebody you know has been injured during a manual labor task at a building site, contact an injury attorney in Salt Lake City to learn if you have a personal injury case. Each injury attorney at Shumway Van & Hansen always offers free consultations and many times can arrange an appointment within 24 hours so call us at (801) 478-8080 or stop by our law offices in Salt Lake City at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to schedule yours.

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