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Medical care isn’t exempt from danger say lawyers in Utah

In today’s world, we rely on so many people and organizations and entrust them with important aspects of our lives. Sometimes that trust is betrayed and let’s be honest we aren’t really all that surprised. In a world that’s constantly growing and has the seedy underlying of greed we have come to expect the worst in some situations. That is, apart from medical care. Indeed, a much more intimate reliance can be found in our relationships with doctors and other practitioners that have a much more personal invitation into our lives. However, even in today’s society, recent news stories have indicated that the realm of medical care is not fool proof. Sadly, are world is broadening and many are realizing that trust should be given carefully, a fact which many lawyers in Utah can bear witness to.

Recently, a well known dermatologist practicing in Texas, was found guilty of abusing his relationship with several clients and employees. These women all claim to have been subjected to Day groping and kissing them against their will, as well as asking them to do risqué and bizarre things. While we all as individuals hope this doesn’t occur in our workplace or with one of our trusted practitioners, lawyers in Utah know that sadly these instances are common but never brought to light in order to make an effective case. Time is crucial; no one should ever feel threatened in the work place or under medical care, say many attorneys in our Salt Lake City Utah law firm. However, it is easy to see how someone could fall prey to someone in a position like Day’s, seeing how his role requires close contact and thorough inspection. Unfortunately, this created a very vulnerable situation for his victims.

In this type of situation, it is imperative to seek legal counsel. A Utah lawyer can help you execute your case and ensure that you are protected under the law. If you have questions regarding a similar situation contact our office at 801.478.8080.Your situation deserves immediate attention and our lawyers are here to help.

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