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Utah Lawyers embrace the challenge of Entertainment Law

Donald Faison of Scrubs fame has recently been asked to pay over $70,000 dollar in damages and reparations to his talent agency located in New York and southern California. The terms laid out in his contract with the agency stated that they would be owed ten percent of his pay per episode on the hit television show, now in syndication, called Scrubs. The agency was the catalyst that achieved him the role, which eventually catapulted him to semi stardom in Hollywood. Plans for mediation and arbitration are in the works to establish a way to satisfy both parties. Utah lawyers are often utilizing alternative dispute resolution strategies in cases to reduce costs and the time necessary to resolve a dispute. This technique is especially useful in entertainment law cases due to the personalities often involved.

Entertainment law is a widespread and often high profile type of legal matter. However, that isn’t mean to limit media and entertainment law to the rich and famous. Anyone in the media industry, and any Utah lawyer, understands that broadcasting brings about multiple legal issues that require a reputable Salt Lake City attorney. Utah remains a top player in the media industry, incurring most of its yearly earning as a state, in film changes and tax payments. That means that film workers and media are constantly in and out of the fair state of Utah with events such as the Sundance Film Festival and the draw of the multiple landscapes that the state offers. Media and entertainment law covers a myriad of legal matters.

Whether you are a media company in need of representation or an individual attempting to enter into contractual bindings with agent representation, it is important to retain the expertise of a Salt Lake City attorney. Utah lawyers familiar with the common practices of media law can assist you in getting the type of representation to achieve the goals you have in your career. An experience Utah attorney can also represent those who have encountered such issues are slander and are seeking the counsel of a Utah lawyer in which to depend on to start the process of repairing their image.

No matter what your media law need, the apt and able attorneys at Shumway Van and Hansen are eager to assist you. Contact our Salt Lake City office today at (801) 478-8080 or stop by 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to schedule a free consultation and to have your entertainment law needs met with prompt assistance and guidance.

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