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Utah attorney can assist renter’s with breached rights

Due the collapse of the housing market in recent years and the debilitating recessions that accompanied it, many Utah residents have found themselves indefinite renters. More apartment buildings and condominiums aimed at those who are willing, or need to pay month to month have sprung up in the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. It is more crucial than ever to be familiar with the rights and laws surrounding tenant and landlord relations and to retain the counsel of a Utah attorney a renter can rely on.

In recent news, a group of tenants who occupied a rent-stabilized apartment building began noticing that the hours of the hired doorman at their living establishment were becoming more diminished. This doorman was a promised and agreed upon part of the each tenant’s lease to ensure a safer and more secure living environment for the residents. Fortunately, for the tenants they brought their case to a qualified attorney and the Judge who oversaw the proceedings granted them a monetary deduction for their future rent as tenants. Though the landlord attempted to appeal, he was inevitable denied.

Although the preceding story was a simple testament to the truly sensitive and law related occurrences that can arise from real estate matters, Utah residents and Utah real estate attorneys are highly familiar with the increasingly devastating broadcasts that can go into more dangerous and financially debilitating territory. That is why it is important to retain a Salt Lake City, Utah law firm with a proven track record or justice for tenants in a trying situation.

As a tenant you have a right to a safe environment in exchange for the amount you pay. The first step in avoiding a negative living situation in regards to renting is to clearly and accurately understand the lease agreement and ask thorough questions regarding any unusual or unfamiliar terms. Salt Lake City attorneys advise you to keep copies of your signed lease agreement and gather a receipt for each transaction that occurs between you and your landlord. As stated, you have the right to the same privacy of a homeowner and the timely repair of necessities that directly affect your health and welfare. Although you may take these steps, it is inevitable that real estate issues such as the aforementioned court case will arise and the assistance of a Utah lawyer will be more needed than ever.

That’s why it is important to find a Utah lawyer who is experienced with handling Tenant and Landlord types of litigation. A Utah real estate attorney at Shumway Van can get you the justice that you deserve whether you are dealing with noisy tenants who refuse to live up to contractual agreements, or a landlord who has not held up to their end of the bargain.

Contact our Salt Lake City office at (801) 478-8080 or visit our offices at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to speak with a licensed and experienced Utah attorney who can assist you with any of your real estate questions.

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