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Manage securities laws with a lawyer Utah investors can rely on.

Utah has been bustling with new business as of late and that’s a good thing. However, with new business comes the opportunity for further growth and further growth for a company usually entails certain investments and securities in order to ensure that your business thrives. In the midst of bonds, stocks and binding contracts, it is immensely important to retain experienced legal counsel in regards to securities law. Putting your monetary concerns in the hands of a lawyer Utah investors can depend on, may mean all the difference in your legal situation.

It’s important to remember that securities law is a vast topic and was initially born from one of America’s most debilitating financial times, the stock market crash of 1929. Following the crash, a multitude of regulations were put into place to help the nation get back to financial stability and to prevent a future calamity from occurring again. The Securities Exchange act was initiated as a way to regulate and maintain the idea of what type of corporation or business is held under the certain regulations. As do most things relating to business, securities law requires a multitude of writing and organization, which requires the legal understand of an attorney in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas. Anyone who has attempted to negotiate or maintain the highest level of organization under SEC regulations will quickly find that the retaining of an experienced securities law attorney makes all the difference when business and financial investment comes into play. Unlike most litigation, cases involving securities laws often require attorneys to deal with financial or accounting practices. Securities laws are constantly evolving to accommodate new and changing settings and types of enterprises. The Utah attorneys at Shumway Van & Hansen are ever aware of the impending changes or altering effects of the present securities laws. It is important to realize that financial territory in regards to securities law is an extensive topic and extends to both to federal and state laws and courts. Since they are so subject to scrutiny and examination, it is wise to acquire an attorney who is experienced in handling this type of law.

Although, these regulations and restrictions seem a bit confining at first, it is important to realize that the existence of them create a more copasetic environment for future business endeavors and the personal financial lives of investors. Complaints against corporations in regards to security law have hit an all time high in the past ten years, with new businesses stepping in SEC regulated territory.

If you have questions regarding security law or need to know whether your entity is subject to these regulations. Contact Shumway Van to schedule a free consultation at (801) 478-8080. Or stop by our office at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

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