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Structured financing requires a Utah lawyer

Anyone who has operated a business knows that obtaining financing is often difficult due to scrutiny associated with a wide variety of government regulations which create more than a few hurdles to cross. Without the right type of legal counsel, lending and financial agreements can become very burdensome to deal. For transactions occurring in Utah, a Utah lawyer is often hired to prepare documents, modify documents, and negotiate documents that both comply with ever changing laws and terms designated by the parties to the transaction. Dealing with the lawyer utilized by the other party and the constantly changing laws are just a few of the many obstacles a business or individual may face when it comes to lending and structured finance, especially in relation to the mortgage and real estate development markets.

Many lending laws are put into place to maintain and protect a sense of security for the parties associated with the transactions and the result of any litigation that could occur because of the transaction. However, the protection offered by law doesn’t necessarily ease the strained mind of a weary lender who has fought a lot of fights during the recession or the anxious borrower who wants to start to capitalize on an opportunity.

If these types of cases are not handled well they can result in a detrimental knock to credit, reputation, community and cash, which is certainly what the participants would prefer to avoid. A Utah lawyer who is experienced in the field of lending and structured finance will tell you that it is an area of law that requires immense concentration, focus and preparation.

One reason for the necessity of an attorney during this particular type of situation is that structured financing is a type of financing that can have highly complex documentation. Structured financing became extremely popular amongst many borrowers and lenders during the 1980s, as industry in America revamped and the new generation began establishing new types of investments and ways to pursue their goals and dreams through financing. It is certainly no surprise to anyone who paid attention to these transactions during that period of time that the result of poor legal representation could end up being horrific for a lender.

The Utah lawyers at Shumway Van want to assist you in all of your legal needs and can assist you with transactions no matter how simple or complex. If you have questions regarding a transaction please feel free to contact our office at (801) 478-8080 for a free consultation. You are also welcome to drop by our office at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to speak with an attorney if that is more convenient.

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