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Utah lawyers advise ‘patent’ down the hatches

Recently, a major audio manufacturer and a discount product distributor engaged in a legal dispute over property rights in regards to patent and trademark law and Utah lawyers monitored the proceedings. The audio distributor accused the aforementioned discount retailer of selling Monoprice-branded speaker equipment that was nearly an exact replica of the one the audio distributer produced. Thankfully, due to very efficient mediation and multiple talks under proper supervision an agreement was worked out to appease both parties. Though this particular story has a happy ending that is not true for all cases, as many an attorney in Salt Lake City can attest to.

Similarly, the effect of the Boston bombing has brought the now commonly heard phrase “Boston Strong” to the forefront of the legal eye. Multiple distributers are toying with the idea of marketing the phrase as their own. Their hopes are labeled as “good-natured” since they plan to use the patent or trademark to ensure the respect and endurance of the phrase, born from such a horrific event.

The bottom line becomes this, trademark laws can become very hazy when not seen under the watchful eye of a suitable and knowledgeable attorney Utah residents can depend on. Salt Lake City law firm Shumway Van & Hansen, has experienced and qualified Utah lawyers who are familiar with the daunting legal realm of patent law. Even the most simple of trademark proposals may become victim to unforeseen legal circumstances.

When dealing with your product you deserve and in fact need the best legal advice to help you establish brand recognition and keep your product safe from replication or imitation. It’s your reputation that is most often on the line and that is something that should not have a price. The attorneys at Shumway Van, in Salt Lake City, Utah understand that you need great representation at a reasonable price.

If you think your trademark or patent has been the victim of a copyright infringement, please contact our offices to set up a free consultation. Or, if you are looking to establish a patent on your product contact us. We will work hard to ensure your products or trademark’s reputation is in good hands. Visit our office at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, or call (801) 478-8080. Don’t let the stamp on your product fall in the wrong hands.

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