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Utah lawyers want to help you hold faulty product manufacturers accountable.

This present year has been quite a busy one for Utah lawyers with court cases related to product liability. With quicker production and the vast opinion of companies that they should beat their competition to the market shelves, the scruples and thorough testing is often overshadowed by the dollar signs in manufacturer’s eyes.

A case that finds itself presently in the Tenth Circuit could reset the standards of testing and responsibility on drug companies. The wife of a man who committed suicide is pointing the finger of blame at a drug company who prescribed him a powerful anti-depressant. She states and holds to the opinion that the effects of the drug skewed her husband’s thinking and caused him to kill himself. She has stated that proper labeling and indication of the drug’s negative side effects might mean his life would have been saved.

Although, your product liability case may not be as serious as the above mentioned one, the truth remains that more and more companies and manufacturers are opting for more production and more customers rather than further testing and analysis of their product. A Salt Lake City attorney in Utah can help you in your product liability claim. It can be daunting to go up against a big corporation to demand the reparations and fair treatment that you deserver, however with an experienced lawyer Utah can rely on, the reality of gaining justice is now more promising than ever. An attorney with the knowledge in handling the sensitive and often emotional damages in a product liability case can make your future life or the lives of your loved one or loved ones, that have been affected by a product malfunction, justifiably correct.

It can be easy to chalk up a debilitating injury due to a manufacturer’s mistake as bad luck and feel as if nothing can be done, but the Utah lawyers at Shumway Van want you to know that they will represent you fully and effectively to gain the justice you are rightfully owed. Don’t attempt to forego the pursuit of a product liability lawsuit alone. The Salt Lake City Attorneys at Shumway Van are ready and willing to give you a free consultation to determine the legal path that works best for you. Contact us at 801.478.8080 or come by our law offices at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 to schedule your consultation today.

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