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White collar crime, and old term for many a Utah lawyer.

Everyday it seems the most prominent and notorious individuals become the definition and poster faces for white-collar crime, a termed coined in the late thirties to label the often high profile individuals who were being investigated and sentenced for crimes which surrounded financial gain and corporate manipulation. The term has since stuck along with the pattern of white-collar criminals being reported and sent to prison. Clay A. Alger, a Utah lawyer, says that types of ‘white-collar crime’ vary from check fraud to environmental schemes.

The effects of white-collar crime perpetrated on a company by an individual or another company have serious affects on society. The ultimate ending means that innocent people suffer due to the greedy and selfish actions of other individuals. Companies who cannot operate efficiently due to the unidentified and undiscovered culprit of such a crime may resort to raising prices on good and services in order to balance the now shifted income. White-collar crimes affect the confidence of those who wish to invest and prepare for major purchase, which push our economy forward. Without this confidence, investors and individuals may find themselves none to eager to pursue a financial gamble. Utah lawyers are far too familiar with cases of white-collar crime. Often times, employees find that their life savings and retirement benefits they were depending on are snatched away by the greed of an individual or corporation.

Not all white-collar crime exists inside the walls of a corporation or by an individual in plain sight. The Internet has created an epic marketplace for white-collar criminals to implement their schemes and cons. One must constantly beware of certain schemes relating to money or risky investments in a company that you do not have the credentials necessary to prove their loyalty to customers and investors.

Although, it is easy to focus on white-collar crime as being a group of selfish Caucasian, middle-aged men, the truth is that white collar criminals may appear in multiple settings and forms. In addition, what may be worse than being convicted of a white-collar crime is being unlawfully accused.

If you feel you have become the victim of a white-collar crime contact the attorney at Shumway Van. Furthermore, if you feel you have been wrongfully accused of such a crime, feel free to stop by our law offices at 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 or call our attorneys at (801) 478-8080. We offer free thirty-minute consultations in which we will answer your questions and concerns.

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