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Utah Lawyer Notes Religion’s part in Recent Brawl

Karl Marx is famously paraphrased for saying “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. However, more often than not religion becomes the single most dramatic and stressful activity for the average American family. Where the opiate part plays in, is still to be determined. Utah is known for being the LDS beacon in the U.S. and by most standards it is a fairly community-centered and relatively violence free society of worship; this week being an exception. A Plain City ward received some less than appealing attention recently, when two of its members engaged in verbal, then physical, combat. The argument began over a common and extremely important subject; saved seats. The argument proceeded to escalate after services were over ending with a few thrown right hooks and an unfortunate collision with one party’s car into the other party’s body. No one was seriously injured but charges were pressed. The investigation will continue and the bishop for the ward has expressed his concerns and hopes that the families can mend their differences, hopefully before next Sunday.

While this story is no doubt a shocking revelation –no pun intended– to many members of the LDS church, a Utah lawyer sees this incident in a different light. “While it’s unfortunate”, mentions Clay Alger, an attorney in our Salt Lake City Utah law firm, “it’s not entirely unique; religion is a large part of our state and therefore emotions can escalate out of that spiritual and emotional community connection.”

A lawyer Utah offers is familiar with these rather unique circumstances and knows that these regrettable situations don’t necessarily reflect an individual’s personal character. Clay Alger is available for free consultations by contacting 801.478.8080. We all have fallen short and a Utah lawyer can help mend the gap.

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