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An Attorney Utah trusts looks at Patient Care Standards

It’s been a while since the media has held reports of abuse in elderly care facilities. This particular abuse became a major problem in the last ten years as regulations and proper oversight was lacking amidst a culture of busy family members and a general technological takeover. During this time, say many Utah lawyers, reports of patient abuse reached a high. Since then, great strides have been made to inform individuals of the signs to look for if they suspect their elderly family member is being abused or neglected. While they have helped in the stride towards safer facility environments, they haven’t eliminated them completely.

A group of Georgia employees are facing several charges after investigative reports of neglect came to light. The facility was a home for Alzheimer afflicted patients, mainly elderly men and women with families who either did not live in the area or did not have the time to appropriately care for their family member as they deserved. A thorough search led officials to evidence of neglect, which included abused patients and lack of hygienic attention. In addition, patients were being financially compromised by employees’ false information and scamming tactics.

The particular hospital has not made a statement. This is a major setback for a facility, according our Utah lawyers, if they want to survive this, they will have to be extremely careful with how they respond. However, the repercussions have already been major throughout surrounding elderly care facilities. According to attorney Douglas Shumway, drastic reforms in medical related arenas gain copious amounts of attention at first, however, as time goes on and as the focus is shifted, it takes a major injustice such as this to bring the attention back.

Many Utahns, including our Utah lawyers, sincerely hope that although this has had a negative impact on the lives of several families, it may have a positive impact on patient care focus and the importance of monitoring such a major part of our society. Cases such as these are stressful and heartbreaking for a family and individual. However, with the right counsel from a law firm in Salt Lake City, the stress can be lessened and the heartbreak can be rightfully requited. We have the attorney Utah can rely on to be familiar with this type of legal pursuit, who would be glad to meet during a free consultation. Contact our office at 801.478.8080 to schedule yours at a time that is convenient for you.

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Additionally, the link below holds some vital information for families who think their loved one may be enduring abuse, with additional information on who to contact in such a circumstance.

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