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A Lawyer Utah trusts looks at the Tattoo trend

With a growing number of individuals obtaining tattoos, the standards for legal termination are changing in the U.S. says any attorney in Salt Lake City. Last year an employee of a Walgreens was hired, promoted and given outstanding peer reviews regardless of his very noticeable tattoos. No qualms existed with his apparent personal style until a customer complained about the matter to the head manager of the store. He was then terminated without excuse. He maintains currently, that the termination was a result of his tattoos.

Years ago, this matter would not be such a prominent issue in society; however, much like the modernization of several other legal rules, personal style (in the form of tattoos and piercings) has become a major part of our society. Although this decision by Walgreen’s may see the anger of several tattoo enthusiasts, it isn’t necessarily illegal. “Companies differ,” states our Salt Lake City Utah lawyer Clay Alger, “some like the eccentricity and cultural diversity that tattoos or piercings bring, especially with a younger crowd; but other companies may see them as a distraction to the personality and presentation of their values and professionalism.” Legally, an owner or overseer may request that an employee cover his or her tattoos and piercings.

Any owner, is allowed to make certain dress codes as long as they don’t infringe on the personal safety and respect of the employee or others. And if an employee refuses to cover their tattoos or piercings, they can be fired. However, as any lawyer Utah depends on would concur, this becomes a very sensitive matter when dealing with a person’s religion or sexual orientation. It’s a fine line that an employer walks says many attorneys in Utah. Emotional ties to tattoos can be far reaching and an employer needs to tread lightly on the subject; that’s why it’s best to consult with an attorney. In addition, discrimination based on orientation, race or gender is illegal and anyone who has experienced what they think may be wrongful termination should seek counsel immediately. Those types of cases can be difficult to pursue since recent years has brought reform to protect many employers.

A lawyer Utah can depend on at Shumway Van and Hansen can right the wrongs of illegal termination, or defend the legal termination of an employee on behalf of an employer. It’s a difficult case to prove either way, but our Salt Lake City Utah lawyers have experience and a proven track record of success. Contact our office at 801.478.8080 for a free consultation. These cases are time sensitive, which is why our firms insist on a convenient and free initial meeting to discover which legal path is most effective.

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