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Anger & Confrontations don’t mix well says attorney in Salt Lake City

Utah’s recent news has included some rather disturbing circumstances. It seems Utahn’s reputation, as “the happy valley” is quickly becoming quite the misnomer. In the most recent months, one referee has died after being punched by an angry player, one man has been accosted outside of church after an argument and now one man has been punched after picking up someone else’s golf ball. Any attorney in Salt Lake City advises that although the headlines may be humorous the effects of injuries sustained can be disastrous. Of these circumstances mentioned the results were one death, jail time and hospitalization. The man who was hit on the golf course has even lost his ability to speak.

Experts advise that anger is never a way to resolve anything and many Utah lawyers would agree that several small legalities have exploded over emotional issues such as anger. “Just because someone did something bad doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person,” says Doug Shumway, an attorney in Salt Lake City, adding, “however as attorney, we can’t be interested in good or bad, we must be interested in the law which seeks to determine that.”As of now, the man who attacked the gentleman on the golf course has not been found and the investigation will continue.

Many are attributing the national stories similar to Utah’s as a stark realization that our nation is one of control. Many child psychologists note control has been instilled through out the past few generations by video games, easy access technology and numerous ways of ambiguity. Empathy seems to be what is actually lacking. Some officials note that possibly our nation’s affinity for sports and violence has caused this obvious travesty. As individuals see sports figures and television characters harm others and receive no real consequence, it may set a subconscious idea that they too can engage in such violence without consequence or guilt. It’s a troubling question to which many just simply answer; maybe they are just bad people.

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