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Liability can be determined with attorneys in Salt Lake City Utah

As much of our nation gears up for a greener environment, several companies have come under severe legal complications. Any lawyer Utah offers, has no doubt seen the effects of the green campaign influencing local building and law. Lately, however, the subject of such legal litigation is a company that supplies an alternative to plastic products to U.S. markets. This week, several scientific investigations will be conducted with the oversight of attorneys and Texas officials to determine just how dangerous these products, which may be laced with BPA, can be towards human health.

Eastmen Chemicals currently produces products that hold, what they tout as, an alternative to the dangers and fragility of plastic. BPA which stands for Bisphenol A, is an organic compound found in several agents such as oil and metal. Scientists have made recent discoveries that heavily suggest BPA consumption can increase several health risks, as it imbalances hormones by acting as a synthetic form of estrogen in the body. Several other entities have come under legal fire, as Eastman itself attempts to sue them for what they deem as false and possibly reputation-ruining statistics.

This isn’t the first legal splash that BPA has made. Last May a female employee received work related criticism and career demotion when she admitted several scientific truths about the chemical BPA to officials. After a lengthy and heated round of litigation the state of Maine was ordered to pay over $60,000 to the individual.

According to several litigation attorneys in Salt Lake City Utah, this type of legality is difficult to pursue without an attorney who has a firm grasp of the law. Each state has their own issues surrounding what an employee may be awarded or what consequences may befall them based on a similar situation. The quest for BPA truth is still being pursued and with several individuals filing onto the bandwagon, companies who employ this chemical may be in for more legal troubles says many Salt Lake City Utah lawyers.

An attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah can assist in your liability needs. While your legal need may not be related to BPA, it’s undeniably important to have an apt Utah lawyer handling your case. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Salt Lake City Utah lawyers, call our office at 801.478.8080.

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