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An attorney in Salt Lake City UT advises drinkers about new laws

While Utah may not look like the beer and wine hotspot when compared to other states; you wouldn’t know that after a look at the drunk driving statistics in the beehive. Most recently, a car in St. George Utah ran into an on-patrol officer. The police officer and the two passengers inside the vehicle were all rushed to the hospital and it was later revealed that the driver of the citizen vehicle was under the influence. Luckily, only minor injuries were sustained by all parties involved and an extended hospital stay was not needed. The driver has seen been charged with a DUI and a traffic violation and any lawyer in Utah can attest that it will be a difficult charge to defend.

Several attempts to reduce the number of alcohol related accidents have been submitted to officials but the laws have remained unchanged. Certain citizens feel that the restriction and rules surrounding the laws may be contributing to the wrecks. According to various Salt Lake City citizens and businesses, because of the restrictions on alcohol and intense police activity surrounding bars, many opt to drink at home and essentially have get soirees where drinks cannot be regulated and cabs cannot be called. This is dangerous for the drivers and hosts, as hosts can be deemed legally responsible according to Salt Lake city law firms. Most recently there has been talk of those laws being renegotiated but not for the prior mentioned reason, instead many feel that it’s hurting Utah’s business. Utah is obviously a far cry from Louisiana, where tarot cards and whiskey are as prominent on the streets as jazz horns and mardi-gras beads. While Salt Lake City will obviously never become a party haven, many businesses and some officials feel that with enough alcohol leniencies, Salt Lake City may enjoy some tourist benefits of their own.

The key however, is to ensure that these alcohol related accidents are deterred and the responsibility of businesses must be counted on. If you have encountered a DUI adequate council is necessary, especially in Utah. For a free consultation with Clay Alger, an attorney in Salt Lake City UT, call 801.478.8080. Many attorneys in our firm are very familiar with representing those facing DUIs. According to several Utah lawyers, DUIs can affect even the most prominent of citizens and when you drive intoxicated you take on the risk of encountering irrevocable actions which may even result in someone else’s death. As of now the decision is still in limbo and many Salt Lake City businesses are eager to see the outcome.

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