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A lawyer Utah depends on looks at the UTA Case

Bustling cities are places where businessmen and women thrive and where population often overwhelms available space. Tall skyscrapers and jam-packed streets are constant reminders of these often, irredeemable qualities. A rather infamous man in Salt Lake City, Utah became victim to each of these qualities of the big city. Richard Wirick, a well-known Salt Lake City business man, met big city fate in February last year as a Utah Transit Authority bus bulldozed the 82 year old man as he was crossing a city street. Despite his age, Wirick was of good health and still owned and operated a shoe store in the city, which he had done for nearly 60 years.

Wirick’s three children have since filed a suit against both the UTA and the negligent bus driver and any lawyer Utah offers knows that with UTA’s reputation the case is sure to be widely speculated on. Both court documents and police records state that the driver had an unobstructed view of Wirick whose pedestrian stroll across the street was under the law. Though the street-light had since given the driver the right of way, Wirick’s slow and steady gate did not afford him the time to clear the street. As most pedestrians and city dwellers know, this is a common occurrence and several people, including children have been injured or killed under the same circumstances. It’s hard to say what this outcome will mean, if anything, according to our Utah lawyers.

There are dangers at almost every corner of big cities. Every year there are multiple instances of wrecks involving UTA buses and railcars, as well the myriad of personal auto accidents. Whether you are an innocent pedestrian or a mindless city-paced driver, it is important to maintain vigilance in the event of tragedy. Parents and loved-ones are often at a loss without the salary and benefits of a deceased love one. For the lucky ones who survive tragic accidents, there can be a large medical bill to accompany your fortunate chance to live another day. Whatever the case, it is important to retain the council of a knowledgeable lawyer Utah offers, in the event of an accident. If you have found yourself the victim of an accident, we encourage you to seek legal counsel with the firm that you feel confident in. Our Salt Lake City Utah law firm offers free consultations to ensure that we gain your confidence before pursuing the legal road ahead. They can be scheduled by calling 801.478.8080 and can be set up at your convenience.

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