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Think before you Tweet says attorney in salt lake city

Twitter is most notably a reason for many firings and/or relationships changes. In our current culture, easy access to fast technology means that more mistakes are made much more quickly. Many find this out the hard way, an occurrence that any attorney in Salt Lake City. What you say after a situation can obviously hurt you, but what you say prior to one, may be incriminating.

That’s what a California teen is finding out throughout the past two months. The teen, while driving, ran into a female bike rider, killing her. Reports stated that he had lost control of his car. Now investigators are using his past driving record and twitter account as further evidence and harsher sentencing. The teen was apparently driving double the speed limit allowed for that street and when the collision occurred he declined to give any statements. His personal tweets indicated several incriminating things such as his love for fast driving and an indication that he knew his driving was dangerous. This has caused his case to reach a potential murder charge.

Many are coming to the teen’s defense and stating that his careless words were just that, careless, and not indicative of the teen, friend and son that they know. If these issues weren’t bad enough for the family, his father has also been charged with illegal possession of firearms. The firearms were discovered as the investigation with the son played out. As of now he is out on bail and the son’s future remains to be seen.

Whatever the reason for the previous tweets, it is more apparent than ever in our culture that your words are important, whether you feel they are at the time or not. It’s unfortunate that a certain circumstance can cause such a devastating future for a barely legal teen, but the law is the law. Any Utah lawyer advises social media users to think wisely before tweeting, especially regarding work-related, or potentially incriminating news. Though what you tweet may be in jest, it is the responsibility of officials to act on those words if a threat is perceived says attorney. If you are in a similar situation and need legal counsel contact our office at (801) 478-8080, to speak with one of our Utah lawyers.

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