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Time is important in injury cases says an attorney in salt lake city

Airlines may be the most unforgiving and unwelcoming areas these days. Major security measures and the bustle that always exists within them, make them an ominous task in our daily lives. While most airlines are quite understanding of the disabled, Delta has come under intense scrutiny for their lack of tact when handling a disabled man’s departure from one of their planes. Any attorney in Salt Lake City who is familiar with these types of cases, knows that time and circumstance play a key part in any settlement or decision. As of now the story seems to be fairly straightforward.

According to reports, the man suffered from an incapacitation that disallowed him from the use of his legs. While most people are familiar with the multiple wheelchairs that go to and fro through the airport, it seems that they did not accommodate the man with one, regardless of the fact that he had contacted them prior to his departure to let them know he would in fact need one. This left him forced to essentially crawl onto and off of the airplane.

The famous airline has seen similar legal troubles before when handling disabled passengers. It seems that the stewards’ inability to help him came from a fear that in the event that something occurred, they would be held liable. Unfortunately, they are being sued anyway, and although the disabled passenger has been noted to have the ability to walk recently, he indicates that it came from multiple surgeries to correct his disability.

If you have a similar legal situation, remember that time is important in order to pursue what you are owed, effectively and efficiently. Contact our office at 801.478.8080 in order to set up a free consultation with one of our apt Utah lawyers and to determine the best legal route for you.

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