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An attorney in Salt Lake City can help with real estate issues

Real estate is booming in the Utah area and many hope the trend continues for the sake of tourism and financial prospects. According to officials and any apt attorney in Salt Lake City, great real estate endeavors bring more than just tourists, it can bring newer businesses and therefore, further revenue. Along with new revenue, coms more job opportunities for the citizens of Utah. Unfortunately, as progress zooms, hiccups loom. Two Park City entities have encountered quite the legal hiccup in the last few weeks. Two Summit County recreational ski resorts are in a bit of a legal battle over their understanding of residency.

Park City Mountain Resort has been asked to vacate the property they now inhabit by another ski resort in the area. The dispute and eviction notice is apparently the result of a lack of lease renewal on the part of the Park City Mountain Resort. This has caused the managing company to give the five-day eviction notice. Apparently, and according to reports, the Park City Mountain Resort operators intend to stay on the land and investment they have built over the past years. No news as of yet has demonstrated the future for both of the entities. Both are obviously concerned with protecting their interests and investments.

Any lawyer Utah offers wouldn’t be surprised by the intensity of this disagreement. With winter looming around the corner it’s understandable that the controversy must be settled quickly in order to ensure a prosperous season for the resorts. Though Park City Mountain Resort has accused the evictor of using a malicious tactic to put them out of business, the courts will eventually be needed to decide the specific ending for both involved, which may mean one party could be extremely let down in spite of their expectations. Circumstances such as these do not only apply to large sized leasing opportunities, even the common renter of a two bedroom home can find themselves in a legal battle and residential upheaval. It’s important to seek legal guidance in this case and retain an attorney who is familiar with real estate law. To speak with a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer, with experience in real estate law, contact our office at 801.478.8080.

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