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An attorney salt lake city Utah depends on can help with estate issues

Real estate issues vary greatly. There is an intricate and long set of laws that govern the property rights of individuals and others says Josh Freeman, a real estate attorney Salt Lake City Utah depends on. Most of the time disputes are caused by a disturbance or disagreement regarding those rights. That’s exactly what is occurring for an elderly gentlemen in Road Island who has taken his distaste for church bells all the way to the pope. Apparently, the parish that exists down the street from his historic home, is close enough to hear the church bells which are in his opinion, ringing off the hook. He’s even noted the disturbance as having a negative effect on his well-being and his marriage.

As any lawyer Utah offers knows, real estate issues can be a complicated matter but if the health and well-being of an individual is infringed on by the actions of another individual, that could be a potential case. So far the gentlemen just wants those bells to ring a little less and little softer. Others are irritated with the gentleman and his wish to inhibit the church’s beauty. In the gentleman’s own words, he cannot effectively enjoy his property and has spoken with anyone and everyone who will listen, but still nothing has been done to correct what he thinks is a disturbance. He has come to the point where he has filed a lawsuit and Pope Francis is named as a party. We doubt he will be able to fly in for the hearing, and the parish hopes that the gentlemen will instead find their “charity” appealing and stop these personal attacks.

As of now, the case is still in the works and it is yet to be seen what legal outcome will befall the gentleman and the Pope. While this seems like an unusual case, it unfortunately echoes a variety of situations that homeowners find themselves in everyday. If you have a real estate issue contact 801.478.8080 to speak with a Utah attorney familiar with these cases.

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