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Handle DUIs with an Attorney Utah trusts

Utah may be the last state that pops into anyone’s mind when considering a party state, as in alcohol. However, although the liquor laws of Utah, compared to other states, are relatively strict, the state still unfortunately boasts quite an array of alcohol related incidents. Each week it seems, the beehive is a buzz with news, sometimes from the grapevine, that alcohol laws will be changed. Officials still stay ardent in their laws as of now and if there is one state you do not want to risk driving even slightly intoxicated in, it is Utah. That’s why it’s extremely important to retain a Salt Lake City attorney who is experienced in this type of law. Clay Alger, an attorney Utah often relies on for DUI advise, notes that there are some common misconceptions regarding the DUI laws in the state. “You can be given a DUI even if you blow below the legal limit,” says Alger.

Obviously a DUI is disruptive to many aspects of an individual’s life, regardless of the moral or legal standpoint, but what may be worse by far, is the potential of injuring yourself, and especially others. As stated, sadly, Utah is not exempt in its alcohol related accidents. Even more sad, is that these often result in innocent victims. Recently, alcohol was determined to be a possible factor in a head-on car accident this past weekend. The suspect and the driver and passenger of the other vehicle remain in critical condition and no word has been released as to their condition so far.

This is a saga that is played out on America’s roadways since time immemorial, and the loss either personally or towards others, is never worth the intoxication, or supposed good time. Luckily, we live in a state that thrives on it’s public transportation and Utah lawyers remind drivers that driving intoxicated is never a good idea.

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