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An attorney in Salt Lake City advises store owners to stay safe

Any attorney Utah offers, along with police, will attest to the fact that Facebook and other social media platforms have been a key tool in solidifying charges against others. Many see this as a good part of technology while others note it’s a drastic invasion of one’s privacy. A local storeowner in Ogden, adheres to the belief that it can be used to fight for the good.

When two individuals escaped with a pricey and stylish bracelet, she took to surveillance videos to track them down. She then posted a still shot from those videos and took to Facebook to see if anyone may have any knowledge at all of the incident and who those individuals may have been. Fortunately, she received several tips and within a short amount of time she had an abundance of information that she could then hand over to the police. Any attorney in Salt Lake City would state that this is truly a rare case and that most situations are not so easily rectified.

Although, many are praising her for her fast and quick thinking, officials are noting that’s it’s always best to contact police immediately. Criminal attorneys in Salt Lake City Utah also state that wrong steps in the first few days of such a situation may mean detrimental damage if a case arises. Some officials say that by doing most of the investigative work themselves, especially with social media etc. you may put yourself at risk.

What is a bit unnerving to acknowledge is that along with the helpful bits of information, the storeowner also received negative comments, of which the nature was not specified. Police say that moves like this may anger others and could potentially cause more problems or harm. Officials have unabashedly admitted to using social media to attain the whereabouts of criminals but they follow that fact with a warning that technology, no matter how convenient at first, should never take the place of policemen.

Luckily, no one was hurt in this scenario. Attorneys are very familiar with the process of criminality and the proceedings. If you have questions regarding a similar situation, as to your protection or insurance issues surrounding your place of business, contact 801.478.8080.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling this type of law and will help you throu gh the process and answer any of your questions.

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