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Bullying is a major trend says an attorney in Salt Lake City Utah

The internet has made the bullying of the past less physical and more emotional, but no less dangerous. Any attorney in Salt Lake City Utah is well aware of the impact bullying can have on the youth and even adults in the state. Utah currently holds one of the highest suicide rates in the country. While bullying isn’t the only reason for that number, parents and students note it definitely creates a crisis in the state. Recently, Nevada has seen an increase in on-line bullying and Utahns are seeing the trend as well. Experts note that unlike physical bullying, emotional bullying can come into the home, with children having access to such massive and open social windows such as Facebook, twitter and various blogging platforms.

A new site has recently popped up in the U.S. called Its main objection is to allow individuals to ask and answer personal questions anonymously or publicly. While it sounds simple and innocent enough, it’s been noted as being a major cause behind several suicides. Utah lawyers note that bullying is not a subject to be taken lightly, and new technology has made it easier than ever to pave a road to emotional depression and suicide. Lawyers note that even a suicide can be grounds for a lawsuit and advise that often responsibility falls with officials and administrators who may not have used their power efficiently.

If you have a situation such as this and need legal counsel, contact our office at 801.478.8080 for a free consultation with an apt Utah lawyer, you can trust. This is unfortunately a negative and dangerous trend that will continue, notes attorneys, as technology increases. With adequate representation however, responsibility can be determined. It’s not a monetary goal as many parents will attest to, it’s a moral and social obligation to halt such a negative trend.

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