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Injuries can be settled with an attorney Salt Lake City UT can trust

Dog bites are a major part of the personal injuries seen in hospitals and a major part of the personal injury cases seen by any personal injury attorney Salt Lake City UT offers. The nationally reported incidents often become the comically charged antidotes for daily news and late night monologues; which is thoroughly unfortunate because the results of such incidents can be very severe. A fact that many law firms in Salt Lake City Utah, now first hand.

Recently, our team of attorneys handled a case involving a child who was bitten by a dog and suffered intense cosmetic damage and injuries that will inhibit her abilities to a certain extent, for the rest of her life. Obviously, every dog bite is not the result of a rabid dog that’s torn lose from its confines and terrorized a subdivision. Sometimes, these may be innocent attacks based on the confusion or terror that the animal experienced under a misunderstanding.

Regardless of why the incident happened, dog owners have been intensely encouraged to keep their animals contained and leashed in public areas. Sadly, another animal attack, perpetrated by the ever-abused breed, pit bull, occurred in Arizona. While a woman was walking her small breed dog throughout a normal route, she and her dog were attacked by an unleashed pit bull; which proceeded to grab her dog by the neck. The woman’s attempts to save her small dog almost got her bitten.

For now officials say the pit bull, which was properly secured after an intense scuffle, will remain in quarantine until the owner comes forward, which has yet to happen. If the owner does not come forward, the now labeled stray will possibly be put down. It’s an unfortunate circumstance based on the irresponsibility of an owner. What’s further disheartening is the fact that two dogs will suffer due to the lack of maturity on the owner’s part. Utah attorneys note that there are several articles detailing what to do in the event of such an attack but sadly, injuries still occur.

If you have a similar personal injury contact the attorneys at Shumway Van at 801.478.8080. At your convenient time, you can speak with a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer who can help you determine the best legal option in your case.

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