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Injuries become more rampant over wintry season says Utah lawyer

Utah is a great haven for those that love the outdoors and the winter mountains. Much of the tourism that is the financial foundation of the state is brought about by the visitors who wish to indulge in the great scenery that the state has to offer. This means that roads become busier and more danger exists on the highways and skinny pavements that work their way up the mountainside to powdery destinations. With these wonderful mountains and delicately placed bits of road and scenery, comes danger notes any Utah lawyer, not only to tourists but locals who bike, drive or cycle these routes everyday.

Recently, a Cottonwood Heights man was hit by a teen driver as he was traveling on bicycle through Emigration Canyon. So far, according to reports, the exact reason for the vehicle’s divergence into the bike, which was in oncoming traffic, is unclear. Initial clues have ruled out distractions or other intent, but the investigation continues for those that seek answers. This is unfortunately, one of many bicycling accidents that have occurred this year, with a few taking the lives of well-loved individuals in the Salt Lake City area. As the summer heat has dissipated and the fall colors have come out in full hue, many vehicles and bicyclists take to the canyons to enjoy the view and the fresh cool air.

Sadly, these roads that travel along the mountain’s edge are often a prime location for accidents, due to these exact factors. Say Utah lawyers Even without the distractions of cell phones or other devices, the roads through these canyons and other parts of the mountain range exist as a treacherous drive, which demands upmost attention from drivers and cyclists. Accidents do happen though, and unfortunately they can cause major damage to a person’s property or their health. In these times it’s important to seek adequate counsel from a Utah attorney who is experienced in personal injury situations. If you have questions regarding a similar incident contact, 801.478.8080 to speak with a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer. Our consultations are free and can be scheduled at a convenient time for you. Remember that as the holidays come nearer the state will reap in a plethora of tourists, causing the roadways to be busier. Every Utah attorney in Salt Lake City reminds everyone to be alert on the roads and especially on bicycles.

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