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Gray Areas are best left to Law Firms in Salt Lake City Utah

Criminal events happen everyday in our society. Though, we hope we never encounter one of these events or have a loved one commit a criminal act, sometimes it does happen. There are certain rights that shop owners have and when it comes to shoplifting these rights can sometimes be muddled and fall into the gray area. The mass media that now exists in our society perpetuates that gray area, but also clarifies actions and events in many cases. Research shows that people in positions of authority are extremely careful in the profession due to the existence of and global use of social media and cell phones. It’s drastically changed the way that news is shared, spun and witnessed according to many law firms in Salt Lake City Utah.

Recently, a video taken of a man being bitten, stripped of clothing and physically thrown about a gas station has gone viral. The video is being used as evidence by the victim, who is now suing the store and its employees. According to the video and reports, the individual was approached about stealing a candy bar, and then assaulted. During the incident, the accused admitted to taking the candy but expressing that he had taken nothing else and had nothing else on him. While this declaration was being made, a nearby patron was filming the incident. In the video, you can see the employees biting, stripping and heavily restraining the individual. According to limited reports, one employee involved in the incident has since been fired, and the outcome of the case remains to be seen.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance and many across the nation have mixed feelings about the incident and where exactly the blame should or will fall. Any lawyer in Utah notes that criminal matters can be confusing, and it’s important when dealing with them, to speak with an apt and experienced attorney. Retaining a Salt Lake City lawyer with experience means all the difference when facing a criminal case, regardless of which side you are on. If you need a free consultation concerning a similar situation, contact 801.478.8080 for a free consultation with a lawyer in our firm.

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