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Rod Stewart in trouble? Accidents at concerts actually quite common say injury lawyers in Las Vegas

The English and Scottish rock singer-songwriter Rod Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, so it’s likely that his legal team can handle whatever personal injury suits come his way, but they’re never good news. Appearing in Las Vegas before an apparently particularly litigious group of fans, Stewart put on a performance that was quite breathtaking, certainly to the individual who was smacked in the face with a soccer ball, had his face damaged, and hired up some injury lawyers in Las Vegas to sue Stewart, as this article details. Mostafa Kashe’s nose was broken when he was unexpectedly hit in the face with the ball at Stewart’s concert performance. And now he wants compensation.

The rock star is probably used to such claims, having enjoyed decades of international fame and fortune, but we’ll give you the reported run-down of the alleged events, so you can make up your own mind how you’d feel if you were Stewart. According to the Scotland Now – Daily Record article, “kicking a football is a regular feature in Rod Stewart’s concerts,” an important fact when considering how valid a claim filed by injury lawyers in Las Vegas on behalf of Kashe is. If it’s a regular occurrence—should Kashe have been expected to be aware of the potential risks of attendance?

On the other hand, Kashe’s complaint essentially claims that Stewart should have known better, or more precisely, that he should have had better aim. Claiming that “Stewart has significant experience in the sport of soccer and experience kicking soccer balls, having previously tried out for a professional soccer team in the Uk and regularly playing in amateur soccer leagues since his youth,” the injury lawyers in Las Vegas working with Kashe are basically maneuvering to suggest that the informed risk of attending the concert was one that assumed Stewart’s ability to better direct soccer balls at patrons and fans.

Something that may or may not be worth considering, depending on where you fall on the opinions of responsibility and risks, Kashe’s injuries were not just a goose-egg on his forehead. His nose was broken and he required some facial reconstruction surgery—or at least, that’s what the media is reporting his claim for compensation includes. Kashe also “had to cut short his family vacation in Las Vegas as a result of the injury and continues to suffer from mental and physical pain and ‘cosmetic damages’ which may be permanent.” Poor guy, right?

Injury lawyers in Las Vegas like Kevin Hansen might admit that it’s likely that Kashe has a case that’s at least solid enough to be heard before a judge. But whether the judge rules that because Stewart has been Kicking balls into “the audience at concerts for more than two decades,” and that Kashe should have known what he was getting into, or that Kashe was unwittingly and unjustly deprived of his presumably once-beautiful nose through no fault of his own and thus deserves compensation remains to be seen.

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