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A lawyer San Antonio offers notes personal injuries are evolving.

Any lawyer San Antonio offers knows that personal injuries are most often the result of automobile accidents and work-related incidents. Sadly, these unfortunate incidents can often affect our youth. Texas residents are holding hope for a teen that recently experienced a dangerous and life threatening injury while skateboarding. This comes on the coattails of several state’s wishes to revamp and renegotiate the laws surrounding skateboarding and biking laws in their cities and surrounding suburban areas. The teen was not wearing a helmet when he wrecked on his skateboard and sustained a brain injury so gruesome that half of his skull had to be removed to allow for swelling. For now his family and international friends hold vigil in hope that he will recover from the painful situation and life support.

Sadly, this is an event that happens daily in several people’s lives. While these can often be isolated incidents, sometimes they are the result of lack of attention on another party. Attorneys note that injuries sustained in these unusual circumstances, including pedestrian related incidents, should be treated with caution and care similar to an auto incident. As cities grow and more cars seep onto the roads, the danger for pedestrians and risks for alternative ways of travel increases. This is a trend that may continue as more environmentally friendly modes of transportation increase in our culture. It is surely a realm of law that San Antonio lawyers are making sure they are prepared to deal with.

If you have a personal injury situation regarding this type of incident, contact a San Antonio lawyer at (210) 503-2800. During a free consultation we can help you to determine your options and figure how we may best serve you in your legal journey.

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