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A Lawyer San Antonio offers warns against "luxury" lawyers.

Of all the attention that has recently been put on to the George Zimmerman trial, the jurors have held their fair share. According, to many San Antonio lawyers, jurors enduring sequestration are a very unique part of the trial experience; and recent reports have the public criticizing them. According to the ever-present talking heads in television, the Zimmerman jury, consisting of all women, spent over $30,000 in luxury expenses. However, the term luxury, according to many experts, is a bit of stretch. During the court proceedings jurors are kept from their homes, friends and family, therefore, what many assume to be luxuries may simply be ways of dealing with a high-pressure situation. The fact that these women went to see movies and had rather expensive trips to the mall, are leading many to criticize the already nationally ridiculed event.

As a juror however, personal expenses were not paid for by anyone other than the juror. Additionally, the bulk of costs were associated with hotel expenses. Defender’s of the jurors have noted that during such a highly publicized hearing, the jurors are not allowed to read, listen to or watch anything related to the case, under the assumption that what they listen to may in turn affect their decision. As anyone knows, the news presented by Fox is vastly different form that presented by MSNBC, therefore great strides are made to prevent any relative or coerced feeling from entering the courtroom.

While jurors are getting the time in the media-speculating spotlight, especially in the Zimmerman trial -as one begins her book-writing journey- it’s taken the projected heat off of attorneys. In terms of luxury, being an attorney is different from a juror, something any lawyer San Antonio offers wants people to know. Both are needed at some point, but the services offered are vastly different and luxuries should never be in the bill. Lawyers San Antonio residents seek should be the type of people who understand that an attorney is often a necessity, an unfortunate and unexpected necessity. “Financial abuse of someone has never been and will ever be a character of our firm,” says attorney Douglas Shumway, of Shumway Van and Hansen. The law, the courts and especially attorneys often get handed a rough deal when it comes to novelty perceptions. We like the opportunity to prove those prior notions wrong.

If you have a legal situation that you need counsel for, contact our San Antonio lawyers at (210) 503-2800. We never tire of debunking the modern lawyer myths. We will assist you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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