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A San Antonio attorney comments on a mother's struggle.

Many Texas parents are reliving a nightmarish memory now that a convicted child murderer will be getting out soon. Due to Texas’ law regarding mandatory release and based on the convicted murderer’s good behavior, she will soon be released. What should have been a 99-year sentence will instead be a near-thirty year sentence and parents of those murdered are thoroughly, and reasonably disturbed by that fact.

The mother of one child who was murdered is taking it into her own responsibility to legally put the murderer back behind bars. She feels the only way to do that would be to identify and locate another individual, one of an estimated 11-40, that were also unreported victims. Officials and San Antonio lawyers say many of the documents are not available and this may be since autopsies did not clearly determine cause of death, which pointed to a murder. Any San Antonio attorney familiar with criminal law will concur that sometimes it takes a move such as this to provoke judicial change.

The story is a sad one to say the least and the images that these mothers remember are harrowing for anyone to hear. One mother indicates, the frenzy and excitement that came into the murderer’s face when she injected one infant with what was assumed to be a vaccination, a method which she used to permanently injure and kill unknowing children. As most mother’s assume that nurses and doctors know what they are doing, many did not rebut the shots. However, now many are using this as a direct example of how medical offices can become a haven for criminals. Attorney acknowledge that it’s easy to trust doctors but as many have unfortunately discovered, criminals do not exist in alleyways and jail cells alone, sometimes they are in the most trusted of establishments.

Attorneys and citizens in San Antonio are deeply saddened for the families and obviously understand this is a sensitive matte, which many are rightly passionate about. If you have a similar situation or feel that your rights or health has been infringed upon, contact our office at for a free, and always confidential, consultation with one an experienced lawyer in San Antonio.

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