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Confrontation can lead to legal woe says an attorney San Antonio trusts.

Texas has a sprawling landscape with straight roads and agreeable weather year round. This makes it a haven for bicycle enthusiasts who spend their weekends wrapped bicep to mid-thigh in tight, bike safety gear with helmets that transform them into a modern version of a duck-billed dinosaur. Most bikers will tell you, it’s a lifestyle. And any attorney San Antonio offers will note, it’s also dangerous.

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the eco-friendly transporters. Although great strides have been made to ensure the safety of vehicles and cyclists, accidents can, and often do, happen say lawyers in San Antonio. Studies have been conducted and research has been done to determine how to improve the safety of motorists and cyclists but nothing has been done to quell the anger many drivers feel towards the often rambunctious and slow-going alternative modes of transportation. The common theme in most states is “Share the Road”, however many drivers are reluctant to head the declaration.

Unfortunately, accidents occur quite often and bicyclists rarely escape with the good end of the deal. Many are slow to blame motorists however and state that more often than not, a bicyclist causes traffic delays and more disruption on the road than is necessary. One motorist took this opinion into his own hands, along with a bat, when he confronted a large group of bicyclists in Conroe, Texas over the weekend. The elderly driver got out of his truck and let the group of cyclists know he was irritated at their presence on the road. He held the bat in his hand, for what he claimed was protection and stared down the helmeted heath enthusiasts for a series of awkward, and recorded, minutes. The video has since been made public and even shows the driver running over one of the bicycles. Any attorney San Antonio TX offers will attest to the fact that social media evidence plays a major role in the courtrooms today. The older gentleman has since been charged but has not made a comment about the incident.

Regardless of the moral conduct here, we all know individuals who have exhibited less than ideal behavior in certain circumstances. The advancement of social media has only heightened the mania around catching embarrassing moments. However, this resulted in an injured biker, who sprained his wrist and hurt his shoulder. And unfortunate circumstance for everyone involved.

Attorneys in San Antonio encourage those with legal questions regarding a unique confrontation to seek counsel. Especially if that confrontation has left you injured or in legal hot water; your first step should be to consult with an attorney San Antonio can trust regarding your options. If you need a free consultation calls our San Antonio law firm at (210) 503-2800.

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