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Lawyers in San Antonio note unusual road threats.

As drivers along the roads, we can only control our circumstances and situations to a certain point. This is a fact to which most lawyers in San Antonio can bear witness to. It’s a daily situation that most drivers can relate too; that we are ultimately, and eventually at some point, going to encounter an irresponsible driver. This can cause injury to our vehicles and potentially cause injury to ourselves. This is apparent by the multitude of fender benders, some which pose potential health threats and some that do not.

The truth remains that the road is shared and sometimes, the people we share the road with make poor decisions. Any law firm in San Antonio sees its fair share of unusual circumstances on the road and off. However, recently, in Houston, a man was taken into custody after he stole and wrecked an ambulance. Obviously, this is an unusual circumstance and the beginning facts are a bit murky, eyewitness accounts go only so far as to state that he jumped in and “took off”.

Apparently, according to reports, the gentleman that illegally commandeered the ambulance was acting out of anger towards the EMTs who were assisting him. Eventually the driver who had formally been complaining of a severe headache crashed the getaway vehicle. It’s an unusual circumstance that unfortunately had the potential to affect several other drivers. While no one was hurt according to reports, the hospital and officials are currently taking the situation through an investigation to determine exactly how the man was able to gain control of the ambulance.

A daily drive is a normal part of the average person’s routine, but as circumstances have shown each driver, we are not always in control, as stated. However, where there is an injury suffered under such a situation such as this, there is fault. If you have been injured in an accident, contact our lawyers San Antonio can trust. We can help rectify the negative situation that you have suffered under due to the irresponsibility of another party.

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