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Lawyers San Antonio trusts notes unusual DUI circumstance.

When many people think of the effects of drunk driving they think of red lights, speeding tickets and fender benders. Great efforts have been made in the recent years to emphasize the risks and dangers that are associated with such a dangerous and illegal move, notes many lawyers San Antonio offers. The rules and situations surrounding DWIs or DUIs vary greatly from state to state, but one thing remains true, drunk driving is dangerous.

Police officers are the officials who are put in charge to detain and arrest anyone who is under the influence of such inebriations. Unfortunately, they are not exempt from the dangers of drunk drivers either. Recently, a police car was struck by a drunk driver killing a woman who was in custody in the back seat. The police officer that was driving was taken to the hospital but suffered minor injuries. The woman who was killed was herself being taken in for intoxication. It’s truly an unfortunate accident that magnifies the dangers that intoxication can create on the road.

The officer, who has not been named, was a veteran officer with years of experience. However, reports indicate that the suspect in custody, that was killed, was not restrained properly by the seatbelt. Restraining those in custody is a precaution that officers must take. An investigation will no doubt go into the situation. Regardless, of where the legal blame may fall it’s important to remember that the situation alone reiterates the awful statistics we as drivers hear everyday.

If you have a DUI or DWI situation contact our attorneys in San Antonio at (210) 888-0235. Any attorney San Antonio TX offers, knows that even the most cautious and moral citizens can make mistakes that can be costly. Hopefully, these incidents don’t cause awful damage, because as families across the U.S. understand; nothing can replace the loss of a loved one.

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