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Navigate difficult immigration issues with a San Antonio Attorney.

Due to the size of the state and its location, Texas often finds itself mentioned in the heated issues surrounding immigration reform. Over the past few years, it seems that the issues have only increased in sensitivity and opinion. Recently, in Texas a large group of individuals rallied around their own opinions and protested the deportations that have gained an increase in numbers as of late. This march and demonstration was not only an attempt to make note of deportations but also a way to demonstrate the want and desire for paths to citizenship. Any San Antonio attorney would note that the recent years have made individuals wary of the path, especially since scams and schemes have cost many hopeful citizens their savings and future.

Other states such as Utah are seeing the same types of demonstrations in their own locations. Utah specifically holds an underground movement of Latino residents who wish to gain citizenships through service in the military. Currently, the issue has not been addressed within the state but the small group hopes that with growth and diligence, the rules may be soon changed. This is a pattern that is being seen throughout several states not only Utah and Texas. Those who hope to become legal immigrants are becoming increasingly worried about separation from their children who hold citizenship to the country; which prevents a successful pursuit of citizenship says immigration attorneys in San Antonio. Many in the Texas based marches and protests made signs exhibiting their disappointment in legislation and in the President. According to reports, the past few years has seen a higher than usual amount of deportations and it seems that the President has unfortunately been seen in the public eye as the reason.

Immigration issues will not cease in the near future and it is more important than ever to face any legal issue with a San Antonio attorney you can trust. The attorneys at Shumway Van have experienced immigration attorneys who are familiar with the legal route involved with the path to citizenship. Contact us for a free consultation with a San Antonio lawyer, at a convenient time for you.

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