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Seek experienced, compassionate San Antonio attorney when proceeding with divorce.

Brides don’t walk down the aisle with bouquets in hand and thoughts of divorce in mind and rarely does a groom get married with plans of dissolution of the union. Yet there are couples every day,whether they’ve been together for decades or just a few months that make the tough decision to go their separate ways.

Just last year, Texans outpaced the nation in marriage, and consequently, divorce as well. As proceedings begin, obvious concerns like division of assets, child custody and visitation, and who gets the beloved family pet might immediately come to mind. But other questions that aren’t as clear such as matters of retirement payout, amendment of tax forms, and insurance adjustments aren’t always at the forefront. What about grandparents’ rights? And exactly how long does the divorce process take?

When confronted with the prospect of divorce, most people have no idea what to expect during their initial legal consultation. In fact, for most San Antonians contacting a divorce attorney, it will be the first time they’ve ever contacted a lawyer in San Antonio. That’s why finding an experienced San Antonio law firm that’s both professional and compassionate is the first, essential step in what can actually be a smooth process.

When you place your first call to San Antonio law firm Shumway Van and Hansen, please know that everything you say, including your name and the reason you are calling will be kept strictly confidential by those you speak with. A large majority of the answer you are seeking cannot be provided over the telephone. That’s why we provide a free 30-minute consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys in our law firm’s Family Law and Divorce Practice Group.

Please contact us if you are considering a divorce from your spouse, a legal separation or would like to learn more about how divorce proceedings. Don't settle for less when determining your rights. Call (210) 888-0235 or chat now with one of our online specialists available live on our website.

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