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Speak with a lawyer San Antonio trusts for auto accidents.

The last thing the average driver wants to hear, over a holiday weekend no less, is that a new law is being enacted for the roads. While these usually signal progress and higher safety, many drivers feel that they often create more trouble or stress on an already arduous daily necessity. Any lawyer San Antonio offers knows that most personal injury cases result from car accidents, so safety is always a welcome change to any town. The new laws going into effect in Austin, Texas, may make the town much safer, after the grumbling from local drivers eases up.

These laws vary but mostly relate to increasing safety for minors. As of today, Sunday September 1st, car and motorcycle drivers, will be much more financially inclined to halt their hoopties and hogs behind school buses; this mean no more quick zooms past the big cheese. Parents, even the cool ones who still take their Harleys out for fresh air, are welcoming this new effect and hoping it cuts down on the dangers that are most often presented against bus travel. Though these may feel like another notch on the DMV belt, they coincide with actions to make driving simpler for motorists. Smartphones have made a big impact on the roads, in a pretty negative fashion, now they are making a fairly positive one. Instead of nervously combing through a glove compartment for your proofs, you can now simply show a police officer your insurance on the smart phone. Which might make things a bit awkward if you were pulled over for texting.

Officials have made great attempts to relay to the public that harsher fines and penalties are not aimed to make things more difficult for the SUV driving soccer mom, but are instead an attempt to keep everyone, specifically minors, safer by making them more aware of the consequences that come from breaking the law behind the wheel. San Antonio lawyers are welcoming these new effects as well and hope that the amount of accidents decrease throughout the city.

Those these new laws will be enacted, car accidents will not be eradicated, and even the most careful drivers may find themselves subjected to the sounds of screeching wheels and clashing metal. If you have been in an accident and need legal advice on your next step, contact (210) 503-2800, a law firm San Antonio can trust, for a free thirty-minute consultation.

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