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Texas Legislation brings controversy advises San Antonio Attorney.

Texas has been the subject of much legal news lately, as opposing opinions on the abortion issue have escalated into filibusters and audible protests. TLC’s own Michelle Duggar has even thrown her Kentucky based family’s values into the legal ring. Abortion is such a personal thing, regardless of whether one is pro life or pro choice, and so many people find pros and cons in each of the decisions, say our San Antonio lawyers. For now, Texas remains a state with restrictions on abortions. However, that has not deterred pro-choice activists from attempting to dethrone the new legislation. In a contrast, pro-life activists are standing by major officials and rallying around Texas’ pro-life facelift. This particular ban would prevent abortions from occurring after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Additionally, certain guidelines would be enforced on any establishment existing as an abortion clinic. Many see this bill as a way to prevent and discourage women from seeking and receiving adequate medical assistance. A widespread fear is that the lack of ease towards abortion availability will encourage “flea-market” abortions; a rather unsightly term to imagine. It’s difficult to decide amidst strong emotion which route this legislation will ultimately take. More and more pro-choice citizens foresee that harmful social effects and lawsuits will be a result from this new law. The average lawyers in San Antonio will most likely see the legal world amplified around this particular subject.

The discussion between pro-choice and pro-life has been a tiny flame that increases in strength each passing year. Although the case of Roe v. Wade gains the most attribution for the discussion, the truth remains that the argument stays reliant on social evolution and medical discoveries. After all, the main subject of Roe v. Wade, Norma McCorvey, went through a series of emotions before finally becoming an advocate for pro-life organizations. The Texas legislation is still being fought against by pro-choice men and women and as all legislation it is subject to change and transformation throughout the next few years.

It remains a heavy subject and is imbedded in the gut of America, and the horizon doesn’t indicate any definitive change on that note. The issues surrounding abortion laws remain mostly legal, and at the core of legality, people exist. If you have legal questions regarding your rights in a similar situation, please contact our San Antonio office at (210) 503-2800, to speak to a San Antonio attorney familiar with this type of law.

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