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Why lawyers recommend alternative dispute resolution processes:

The two most employed and vastly used forms of Alternative Dispute Resolutions among a lawyer San Antonio residents need, are arbitration and of course mediation. Attorneys, including the San Antonio attorneys at Shumway Van & Hansen, use these two methods if they feel it is in the best interest of the client. Most people with a loose understanding of the legal world are familiar with the terms as well. As the name implies, it is an alternative to legal litigation within a courtroom and it can take place on neutral ground, in a destination agreed upon by both parties.

It is a fascinating and interesting aspect of the legal world, and the idea of mediation and intercommunication is not only a legal aspect but a psychological one as well, according to many studies. Mediation in particular became popular following the intense civil rights movement of the sixties and the fact that litigation costs were skyrocketing within the nation. An alternative had to be acted upon; therefore Alternative Dispute Resolution was not only fully born but also fully enacted. It’s a history lesson of epic proportions and it has since changed the face of the legal system entirely according to lawyers in San Antonio. Today, Alternative Dispute Resolution is a large part of any San Antonio attorney’s position in a Texas law firm. And as stated, not only is it a cost effective way for a client and a city to resolve their disputes, it is also a great way to see the psychological side of legality put into action.

According to multiple studies on the effects of Alternative Dispute Resolution and why they are successful, it all boils down the meat of mankind, it’s about pride and empowerment. To be a successful mediator, one must understand that each party feels victim in some aspect and therefore must have their vulnerability understood but also, should at the same time, feel empowered in their legal endeavor. In addition, it takes a great balance to make sure that mediation is carefully and professionally treaded upon, by the lawyers in San Antonio and the mediators. Each party may at any point choose to leave the situation entirely and as any attorney or client knows this stifles the process of litigation even further.

The attorneys in San Antonio at Shumway Van work hard to find the mediators who know how to navigate an Alternative Dispute Resolution objectively and fairly. In addition to our promise of a free thirty-minute consultation, we also promise that our alternative dispute resolution attempts at our firm are consistently mediated or arbitrated with justice in mind and not an ulterior motive. If you have a need for an attorney in relation to Alternative Dispute Resolution contact us at (210) 503-2800 for a free consultation.

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