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Don’t Let Road Rage Get the Better of You, Salt Lake Law Firms Counsel

A judge sentenced a man to up to five years in prison for a road rage episode two years ago that ended in the death of a woman. Salt Lake law firms warn that road rage is not only dangerous, but it can lead to criminal charges and possible jail time.

Two years ago, a road rage incident changed John Watkins’ life. It started when Watkins cut off another driver, Sandra Harper, who then pulled in front of him and hit her brakes. Watkins then drove faster and swerved toward Harper’s car, bumping her vehicle and causing it to roll.

Harper spoke to witnesses who pulled over to help, but she ended up dying at the scene. Her son suffered a compressed spine and continues to have migraine headaches. Hopefully her son has hired a personal injury attorney Salt Lake City motorists can rely on to help him get the money for the medical help he must need.

Watkins was charged with negligently operating a vehicle causing the death of another, a third-degree felony, and sentenced to up to five years in prison. Watkins had meth and marijuana in his system at the time of the accident, tests later showed.

If you have been the victim of road rage contact a personal injury attorney Salt Lake City drivers can trust. Or, if you have let road rage get the better of you, Salt Lake law firms can help defend you.

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