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Part-time pay deserves full-time rights says an attorney Utah can trust.

If you’re a parent suffering from nail biting, caused by the worry of your children becoming prone to summer boredom, you are not alone. Most summer itineraries are full of vacations, sleepovers and long days that will all no doubt involve many iPods, iPads and kneepads. It’s normal, but it’s also changing. Many parents are opting to keep their children busy during the summer by employing them at a job. While many parents may balk at the thought of their fifteen-year-old spending a few hours a week at a corporate environment, more are under the impression that it may be exactly what their children need, for several reasons. Retaining a family attorney Utah can deem reliable can help you be informed about the legal issues surrounding youth summer employment. Studies show that children who are employed at summer jobs, especially in law firms in Salt Lake City Utah, get into less trouble in the summer. This is a welcome idea to the community, parents and the average attorney Utah often looks to for misdemeanor issues.

Summer jobs allow teens to gain responsibility and learn outside of school. It’s hard to imagine that teenagers don’t already know everything about life; if high school walls could talk, parents would probably opt out of listening, or make an inquiry to law firms in Salt Lake City Utah to demand a court ordered cone of silence around the school. However, as brutal and challenging as high school may be, it cannot prepare a child for the workforce ahead. Operating in a work environment allows children to mature in a way they can’t in high school or at home. Developing healthy office relationships and learning how to deal with stressful ones, allows a teen a great look into the window of adulthood, especially since he or she will probably be the one windexing it on the first day of his part-time job. An attorney Utah can trust will advise parents to make sure they are familiar with the place of employment. An average Salt Lake City Utah law firm is all too familiar with issues surrounding youth employment issues.

Summer jobs offer values that can’t be given by parents. That’s why more teens are donning their best attire and heading out to be hired. While the workforce may be grueling for a teen, it is not beyond legal bounds. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the laws surrounding fair labor, says many an attorney Utah parents of teens can rely on. The minimum working age, for most employment opportunities, is 14. Usually a working permit is required, though regulations can differ from state to state according to law firms in Salt Lake City, such as Shumway Van and Hansen. Additionally, law states that teens should never be required to perform dangerous tasks at their job. As far as unpaid interns go, employers should be wise and courteous, unpaid does not mean free employee, advises a Salt Lake City law firm. Make sure that guardians and the intern realize that the position is unpaid and beneficial to their interests and education.

Unfortunately, legal situations regarding teens’ employment is fairly common, and while the Salt Lake Law firm of Shumway Van hopes no individual suffers from such a situation, we want to be there to help if you do. You can contact our office at (801) 478-8080 and see if you qualify for a free consultation where an attorney Utah can trust can assess your situation.

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