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Alexis Duecker

Alexis Duecker is an attorney in Shumway Van’s Las Vegas office. Her practice focuses on transactional matters, such as preparing and negotiating contracts relating to business, real estate, and technology transactions. However, Alexis also engages with our law firm’s general and complex litigation practice groups and participates in their cases to ensure that the language she utilizes in her contracts is applicable in the war zone.

In addition to her experience as an attorney, Alexis has significant experience in corporate accounting and tax, which experience is very useful when handling business and securities law matters. Clients find Alexis to be insightful, yet practical, which many would agree is a rare combination for an attorney who also understands tax and accounting. Alexis recognizes that it is always in a client’s best interests to actually get a business deal done, so for each transaction she uses strategy, analytical skill, and teamwork to help ensure that her client gets what is necessary to protect its interests, is advised about concessions that may create exposure in the future, and is able to move forward with the best opportunity possible to make the transaction successful.

Alexis was a scholarship tennis player for UNLV and continues to play in order to prove that she can beat her opponents on the court and in the courtroom. Prior to joining the firm, Alexis worked for both law firms and accounting firms in a variety of roles. While in law school Alexis was a member of a competitive Moot Court Team and the Society of Advocates. Among other competitions, Alexis competed in the Tulane Baseball Arbitration Competition, the Seigenthaler-Sutherland National First Amendment Moot Court Competition, and the Tulane Sports Law Competition. As you can tell, Alexis loves competition and thrives in a highly competitive environment. Clients appreciate having an advocate with Alexis’ qualities to help them to work through their legal situations because they know she is there to win and expects to do so each time.

Alexis is licensed to practice in the State of Nevada.

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