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A Lawyer Las Vegas Offers Can Help with New Laws

The Supreme Court has made recent decisions that change the face of marriage equality and how same sex couples can share their life together, under legal protection. Attorney Mike Van, a lawyer in Las Vegas NV, notes that as social norms evolve so to must the law evolve. Therefore, as social barriers become broken down and rearranged this same legal protection is quickly extending to other areas. Many are familiar with the results and lawsuits that have accompanied school related incidents and they most often are the result of cases of bullying by other students. However, this time the confrontation involves faculty and parents. Recently, a child in Colorado who identifies as a transgender female was told, along with her parents, that she could not use the female facilities at school. The reason given was that it was confusing to the other students and would cause unnecessary explanations that the school as not prepared to deal with.

Attorneys in Las Vegas advise that schools are often timid when confronting this issue and while the focus remains on justice sometimes the pressure of other parents play into a school’s decision. That’s why the goal to retain legal counsel is dire in these circumstances. The right and wrong area is much too complicated when emotions and children are involved and an evolving legal world demands an experienced and well-versed lawyer Las Vegas offers. Following this rule, the parents sought a lawsuit that resulted in the child being homeschooled for some time. However, with legal counsel, the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund’s support and an intricate look at Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Laws, the lawsuit was won. The child has since returned to her public school and the issue has been settled for now. However, attorneys in Las Vegas note that cases such as these will now become a large part of the law since this issue rests in a different category that sexual orientation.

These laws will certainly become more prominent and revamped but they will also continue to be varied from one school district to another. The law gets complicated in these circumstances advises any lawyer Las Vegas counts on, and each district may have their own views and that will result in many opinions across one state. Contact our Las Vegas office at (702) 478-7770 to schedule a free consultation to determine if you or your child may have a discriminatory case such as this. Michael Van is a Las Vegas attorney with experience and respect for the ever-developing legal world.

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