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A Lawyer San Antonio offers can help with discrimination.

Several articles have been published on the subject of the Supreme Court decision on DOMA and how it will pertain to the future of the legal system. As more marriages are seen as legal in the U.S., the divorce rate will inevitably rise. However, homosexual marriages’ legal mark may mean that other laws are met with intense severity or higher risk of criminality says any lawyer San Antonio offers. This may be the case with a flower shop located in Washington. Two men went into the shop to request and buy flowers for their wedding ceremony.

The owner, however, who ironically was not Archie Bunker, refused to offer the purchase of her flowers for the wedding. She reports that she did this calmly and in a discreet manner while stating that her relationships with Jesus Christ (another individual about to be drawn into the legal world) was the cause of her inability to support their marriage by offering her services. This is a major case for the state of Washington; it is one of several states that see refusal of service to be a criminal act. However, the shop owner’s lawyer is stating that she merely refused to condone the wedding, not that she refused them services because they were homosexual, which may be further supported by the fact that they were loyal customers as a couple and had no prior issues.

The case is being seen as a distinct mark of the evolution that will begin now that marriage is being redefined in our nation. As our attorney in San Antonio Clay Alger notes, discrimination based on sexual orientation is unlawful and therefore, punishable in a court of law. However, each side is presenting a story that could potentially make this case more complicated. If you have a similar legal situation and are in need of legal guidance, contact our office at (210) 503-2800 to speak with a San Antonio attorney who is familiar with these types of civil rights disputes.

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