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A Lawyer San Antonio offers can help with traffic violations.

Texas is a large state with a sprawling landscape and more than a few major cities; therefore traffic is a continuous occurrence for most Texan commuters. Any lawyer San Antonio offers is more than familiar with the statistics surrounding the roads. Texas currently rates fairly high against other states for traffic accidents. While any attorney will comment that each accident is different, state officials are enacting a law surrounding one specific type of accident and victim.

Texas lawmakers are hoping that by enforcing laws and fines surrounding road workers, specifically maintenance care workers, that unnecessary injuries and deaths can be dramatically lowered throughout the state. Now when a San Antonio commuter happens upon one of these workers, noted by the blue lights and white vehicle, they will need to slow down or merge into the next lane, to prevent future accidents. Officials say this move will be a key part of securing the roadways for a more effective and safe route for workers as well as commuters.

In a world where texting while driving has a national ad campaign and more cars than ever are charging the roads, it’s a glim hope that residents will heed this new law; but officials are confident in the new legislature. However, an experienced lawyer San Antonio offers will be quick to note, that road laws should not be taken lightly and in fact, road construction operation is one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation.

Technology and a culture of speed and haste have only worsened the situation. However, Shumway Van's law firm, San Antonio based, understands that even the best driver can run afoul of the law. If you have a legal situation regarding this type of incident, contact our attorneys for a free thirty-minute consultation. The lawyers at Shumway Van and Hansen hope this new legislature goes a long way in saving the lives of both motorists and road workers and reminds everyone to stay safe and smart on the road.

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